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Family History

Four Pettijohn Sons served in World War II, Vietnam, Korea
Compiled by Ann Pettijohn Tomlinson - Summer 2004. Click here for the PDF.

Ross Pettijohn: Memories of WWI
Interview conducted in 1985 by Victor and Robert Pettijohn. (Length 47:45, cuckoo clock at 34:53) Click here for audio.

Dorothy May Pettijohn Johnson
Doro's story from the beginning through 1950. Click here for the PDF.

Ann Pettijohn Tomlinson created this family history book with the hope that family would have the opportunity to know the stories of their direct line families. Click here for the PDF.

Something of the Pettijohn Family - Book privately published in 1948 by Clive A. Pettijohn - Download in PDF format.

Pettijohn (Pettyjohn) Lost Cemetery - Read the account submitted by Brad Davidson with images.

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