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Read Something of the Pettijohn Family

"Something of the Pettijohn (Pettyjohn) Family" was originally privately published in 1948 by Clive A. Pettijohn and Era Jane Pettijohn, son and daughter of Dyer Burgess Pettijohn (1834-1924).  It contains a history of their father's life, and biographical sketches of many others.  They had sent out numerous mailings to Pettijohns around the world asking for information and stories.

The book has a genealogical line that dates back to the late 1600s in Northampton County, Virginia using the spelling "Pettyjohn".  The basis for their conclusions about early Pettyjohn lines is based almost entirely on a book called "Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines" published in 1931.  These conclusions may or may not be correct.  Read the document with this in mind.  One can rest fairly assured that the information about their grandfather, Abraham, and other contemporary relatives is accurate.  The sketch of their father, Dyer Burgess Pettijohn, includes a speech he made at a GAR event relating his experiences as a POW in the South during the Civil War.

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