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Something of the Pettijohn (Pettyjohn) Family


Note from the transcriber:

What follows is a transcription of a privately published book copyrighted by C.A. Pettijohn entitled Something of the Pettijohn (Pettyjohn) Family.  It is my belief that Clive would approve of an internet "publishing" of this book.  It was his hope, as well as mine, that it may be of some interest to those who have an ancestor with the Pettijohn/Pettyjohn name.  I know that it has been of immense interest to me, being a descendant of Dyer Burgess Pettijohn, the father of the compilers, and the subject of the most detailed character sketch contained herein.  It may also be of interest to those interested in Pettijohn's Breakfast Foods, since it contains a character sketch of Dyer's brother Eli, who originated that brand.  Keep in mind that this book was copyrighted in 1948.  The contemporary information will be generations out of date.  My own father is simply mentioned, being born only a few years earlier than the book was published.  Eventually, I wish to have an interactive family tree set up elsewhere on this site with up to date information.

I have attempted to duplicate the book in its font style, punctuation, spelling, and content. Except for hypertexting and corrections/editing mentioned next, the text is identical.

If there are any errors in the text, they are due to one of the following reasons: (1) A mistake made by myself in transcribing.  I typed the entire contents by hand.  I have never trained formally in typing, so I use a modified hunt-and-peck method I have taught myself over the years of programming at a computer keyboard.  I am sure there are many mistakes that have originated with me.  I hope to eventually correct every mistake made, whether by me or otherwise.  (2) Typesetting mistakes.  The person loading type into the press using the original transcript as a guide may have made some errors.  Unfortunately, since I do not possess the original transcript, there is no way to tell the difference between this kind of error and the last kind.  (3) Lastly, errors may have been made by the compilers of the book.  They received much information from around the world from individuals and from published sources.  Presuming it was all correct, they may still have made an error in copying it down for the printer.  It would be unwise to believe that all the information they had at their disposal was error free itself.  Most of the errors in details probably originated from these other sources.

Corrections made by me will be indicated by differently colored text.  Errors that will remain in the text as printed will be indicated by [sic].  Questionable information that I cannot correct due to lack of better information I will indicate by [?].  Removed text will be shown in brackets [with the nature of the removed content].

I welcome any comments, corrections or suggestions. Feel free to email me: Todd Pettijohn

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