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Ross Pettijohn


A son of Dyer Burgess Pettijohn.  More about Ross can be found here.

Content left to right: Ross, 1918; Ross as Postmaster in Melba Idaho; Ross's WWI journal; or (PDF download); Newspaper article about Ross's WWI service; Ross, Hilda and baby Ross; Ross and Hilda. (1961)

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Ross Pettijohn: Memories of WWI
Interview conducted in 1985 by
Victor and Robert Pettijohn.
Click here for audio.

Ross J. Pettijohn, 1918
Ross Pettijohn WWI Article
Ross Pettijohn as Postmaster in Melba Idaho
Ross, Hilda, and baby Ross
Ross Pettijohn's WWI Journal
Ross and Hilda, 1961
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